Proposed Ulysses Grant County Pump Storage Hydro Project           

Sketch 1 3-3-2020

Supporting a 100%RE future through proven, affordable grid-scale storage

The objective of the proposed 4 GW rated-power Ulysses Pump Storage Hydro Project in Grant County, WV is to create 2+ GW of 100% renewable energy derived storage and generation, 24 hours per day, 365 days of each year, semi-continuous for the next 50 years.

A 3-year study permit request has been prepared for approval by Grant County Commission, Federal and West Virginia State Officials.

If local sentiment appears generally supportive of the project, studies will begin, and a feasibility report will be prepared for the project.

The feasibility study goal is to identify, avoid, and minimize potential impacts. The following feasibility studies have been proposed in 2020 to support a FERC license application:

  • Preliminary Civil Engineering Study
  • Preliminary Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Hydrologic Assessment
  • Biological Assessment
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Socioeconomic Assessment (with Grant County)

The feasibility study period is estimated to last approximately 2 years before a final feasibility report can be completed. If the study supports a financial investment decision, construction is anticipated to take another 3 years, before the project reaches acceptance to begin in-service commercial operations.

Key Project Documents:

FERC: P-15012-000 Preliminary Permit Application

FERC: P-15012-000 Preliminary Permit Acceptance Letter

FERC: P-15012-000 Preliminary Permit Acceptance Memo

FERC: P-15012-000 WV DNR Comments

FERC: P-15012-000 U.S. DoI Comments

FERC: P-15012-000 WV Highlands Conservancy Comments

FERC: P-15012 -000 WV Highlands Conservancy Motion to Intervene

FERC: P-15012-000 Preliminary Permit Issued

GRANT COUNTY: Introduction of Ulysses Pump Storage Hydro Project to Grant County Commissioners 2-11-2020

GRANT COUNTY: Revised Sketch Drawings 1-8 Updated 2-19-2020

GRANT COUNTY: Revised Sketch Drawings 1-9 Updated 3-3-2020

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More Information

  U.S. Senate proceeds on American Energy Innovation Act incorporating 53 separate pieces of previously introduced legislation ahead of amendment debate on the Senate floor. Current draft text includes $3.1 billion for renewable energy, including $100 million per year through 2030 for DoE/ARPA-e

Energy Storage Grand Challenge.  Expect the U.S. House to add their own “improvements” to the bill before a final version is worked out by House and Senate conferees.

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  A bill to open up West Virginia for solar energy development passed the WV House of Delegates Tuesday with bipartisan support. Senate Bill 583, creating a program for the further development of renewable energy resources, passed the House 76-23 with one member absent.

  U.S. DoE has postponed first three planned Energy Storage Grand Challenge workshops in Seattle, Austin, and Chicago over COVID-19 concerns. Energy Storage Grand Challenge workshop currently scheduled on March 26 in Washington, D.C. is TBD, likely going to virtual, or video format.

  New U.S. Senate Energy Bill moves forward to floor vote. Senate energy bill includes: $270 million/yr to improve solar PV; $120 million/yr for wind power improvements, and $180 million/yr through 2025 for a set of DOE energy storage programs ranging from near-term demonstration projects to better recycling of battery materials. Storage funding includes $100 million/yr for a new Energy Storage Research, Development and Deployment program, meant to research improvements in technologies ranging from distributed batteries to compressed air energy storage. Another $100 million/yr is directed toward a grant program meant to find and fund pilot projects by 2023, while $50 million/yr is earmarked for long-duration energy storage demonstrations. 

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  WV Senate Bill 583, sponsored by Sen. Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, committed to Senate on March 3, 2020

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